Jan 30, 2022

Happy Lunar New Year!

It is the Year of Tiger!

It’s the third year of me creating spring couplets. In Taiwan, we used to get free spring couplets from friends or buy some in traditional market. But it’s hard to get those in the U.S., so I just create one by myself. (This is what an illustrator is for, right?)

The materials for spring couplets are very simple. 
    - A piece of drawing paper (self-painted red background)
    - Holbein Acryla Gouache (black as a replacement of ink)
    - Watercolor brush (a replacement for Chinese brush)

In the previous two years, I had included our two cats, Albert and Richard, in the spring couplet illustrations. This year, I make a decision that they will appear in my spring couplets every year! (And a complete collection after twelve years.😂)

For me, tigers and cats are similar species, so I want them to have similar poses. In this illustration, I drew the draft directly on the paper. I used a red colored pencil (Caran d'Ache Luminance), and purposely drew the lines heavily. For one thing, the lines could be visible after layering down the red background. For another, it won’t look weird if some lines could be seen from the final work. 

Here are close-up looks for the Year of Tiger.

I wish my family will have a promising and fulfilling year! Good luck and keep pursuing our goals!




    - 自製紅紙 (把畫紙塗上紅色)
    - 黑色壓克力水彩 (代替墨汁)
    - 水彩筆 (代替毛筆)



鏘~這就是今年春聯小祕辛啦!今年的題字是「福虎生風🐯」! (本來想加「行大運」,但沒位置了😂。)




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