Mar 7, 2021

Our Chinese New Year Feast of 2021

Well, this should have been my monthly blog for February, but I didn’t post it in time 😂. Anyway, I still want to share with you the fun thing I did in Feb, which was celebrating Chinese New Year with my family, Petit Ami(my husband), our two cats and me!

We usually would have a big meal with our friends in the US. But this year, because of the pandemic, we decided to celebrate at home. We still planned to cook a big meal and were going to challenge ourselves: cooking seven dishes for two adults and one chicken for two cats.

Here was our menu:

- Fish soup with pickled mustard greens 酸菜鮮魚湯
- Honey ham/bacon with toast 桂花蜜汁火腿佐吐司
- Stewed tofu with crab meat 蟹黃豆腐煲
- Drunken chicken 花雕醉雞
- Black fungus and cucumber salad 黃瓜木耳
- Peruvian ceviche with fish roe 秘魯生魚片佐魚子
- Stir fry Chinese cabbage 清炒白菜
- Unsalted baked chicken 無鹽烤雞

We spent a whole afternoon cooking these dishes, and…TA-DA!


Great teamwork to Petit Ami and me. 🎉

My favorite dish was stewed tofu with crab meat (蟹黃豆腐煲). This cuisine usually appears in restaurants, so I thought it might not be easy to cook. As I followed the instruction from Youtube, it was not that hard! And I had an interesting discovery: originally I thought the yellowish appearance of this dish is from crab roe (蟹黃), but actually it is the carrots and egg yolk that create the yummy yellow 💛.

I did two sketches for our Lunar New Year feast:

Also, to wish for a Happy New Year and full of love and happiness for my family, I drew a spring couple (春聯) and stuck it on the door. 

2021 is the year of Ox in Chinese zodiac. I wrote 好旺牛, wishing we will have a promising and fulfilling year! We are a happy family of four :D

Thanks for reading! Jenny