Sep 30, 2021

The Animals I Met

This is a mini oil pastel series about the animals I met. 

How does this series begin? Well, initially I just wanted to try some art materials I seldom use. Oil pastel has always been a medium I am interested at. Painting with oil pastels makes me feel like I was going back to childhood drawing with crayons. The art-creating process is very “straightforward”: me holding the pastels, the distance between myself and paper is very close. I paint as I think, my emotions could simultaneously reflect on paper, as I paint it hard or gently. The whole process is intuitive, and I like the texture and crumbs of oil pastels. 

So, I gave oil pastels a try! 

And the oil pastels I used also had a history. I have had this box set since I was in high school. It is at least 15-years old and still functions well, haha! The only oil pastel technique I know is what my high school art teacher had taught me: blending colors by applying a second color directly on the first color. Just one technique for this animal series.

At the beginning, I took my cats, Richard and Albert as my models. I observed their face and painted. Then I thought, maybe. I could do an animals series, starting from the animals I have/had met. I was planing to complete 9 animals but ended up with 6, because I was out of paper 😂. These animals, I have continued living with them or had met them shortly. But all of them have unique personality. As I paint, I try to think what kinds of animal are they? What do I see from them?

Yup! I should write stories about each animals. For next blog! 😂








Thanks for reading!