Jan 31, 2021

Behind the Art: My Halloween in 2020

I would like to share some behind-the-scene story about my illustrations. My Halloween picture would be a perfect one as the first for Behind the Art series. 

2020 was the second year of me living in Austin, and because of Covid-19, my husband and I had a long time working from home, staying at home... We couldn't go out having a Halloween party with friends. So, for me, a safe way to celebrate Halloween is to draw a Halloween party! 😆

In Chinese culture, Lunar July is known as Ghost Month, in which the gate of hell will be open and ghosts will come out and wandering around in the human world. I feel that Halloween is like Lunar July, which it is a special day for western ghosts to have fun and celebrate. What if they are having a party in an Asian/Taiwanese style? What would it be like? This is my inspiration. 

Also, when I think of the most-iconic-halloween product, no doubt it should be pumpkins. But I think in Taiwan we have a seasonal food which is similar to pumpkin--it is Persimmon! Haha 😄 I think persimmons would be a great element for a Halloween party in a Taiwanese style. 

So, I searched for some references: Sanheyuan, persimmons and dried persimmons. And an easy and perfect cuisine for having a party in Asian way would be Hot Pot!  

My references. Sanheyuan is from Taiwanese TV drama A Boy Named Flora A.
The persimmons photos are from google search. 

It's a lot of fun creating a Halloween illustration by combining western and eastern elements. As I painted, I felt like I am having a Halloween party too!

To end my memory of Halloween in 2020, let me share with you my jack-o-lantern. 

Thanks for reading! Jenny ☺