Apr 1, 2021

Richard’s Afternoon Walk

My husband and I have two cats, Albert and Richard. We start walking our cats after the pandemic. We have a lot of time staying at home (working), and sometimes we feel we need fresh air and sunshine, so do our cats.🌞

Our cats have different preferences when they stay outside. Albert likes to stay at the patio enjoying the sun, while Richard loves to walk around, exploring the parking lot in the community, peeking neighbors (within a safe social distancing 😂), or trying to hide under a car. I would usually stay outside with Richard, in case he runs away. 

Albert enjoying sunshine
Albert enjoying the sunshine.

Richard watching the neighbor.

I used to walk Richard with a harness and leash. Initially, he hated the harness. I remembered the first few times I got him to wear harness, he was so mad that he just sat there and would not want to walk. Then, gradually, he walked in a weird way, lowering his body while walking. Now, he could walk in a normal way with harness, but he still doesn’t like it. 😂

As I walk Richard, I get to know his behavior and he seems to enjoy my company. When he is going out from the patio and I’m still in the house, he would wait for me outside for a short time. If he is exploring the neighborhood and I call his name, he would come back and rub against me. So lovely! 

Recently, it’s getting warmer and warmer in Austin. Richard loves going outside and sometimes doesn’t want to go home. Then he would do his CUTE trick, asking me to let him stay outside: 

This is one of my happy and cutest moments with Richard. ❤️