Feb 4, 2022

Gouache Practice #3

This week's practice is the interior of a Japanese restaurant and seafood. 

The reference I took is a Japanese restaurant called "Sakura", which is located in Indianapolis. My husband and I had been there twice. The food is great, and the price is decent! We underestimated its popularity as the second time we visited there. We didn't make a reservation and many people were waiting to be seated, so we ended up waiting for an hour. 

Similar to Gouache Practice #2, I illustrated a JP restaurant again. And I plan to work on a new illustration based on this one. For this practice, I simply layered down colors and didn't care much about light/dark. The fun part was adding characters and JP traditional masks. I think they bring liveliness to the pic. 

As for the seafood, I drew some common seafood which is used in JP cuisines. My favorite are the octopus and squids. I love using colored pencils to add texture on them. The red-brownish colors make me feel that I was barbecuing the octopus and squids while illustrating them. I wish I could go to a Taiwanese night market and get BBQ food!




餐廳是參考Indianapolis的日本料理餐廳「Sakura」。我和petit ami拜訪了兩次,很好吃,價格也很實惠。第二次拜訪低估了它受歡迎程度.沒訂位到現場,結果等了一個小時。




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